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About Us

The Nederland Rink was started by the group Nederland Racquets and Ice for Nederland Kids (RINK). In 2023 the Town of Nederland took over operations and maintenance at the facility. It is staffed and operated Town Staff and volunteers - each of whom share their own unique expertise and skill sets in order to make NedRINK a fully functioning, one-of-a-kind operation. It takes much dedication and love to help make the magic of outdoor ice in the mountains a reality.

NedRINK Board Members Include:

President: Scott Porter

Treasurer: Danette Riehle

Recorder: Lori Kinczel

Town of Nederland Parks Manager: Nicki Dunn

Associated Groups:

Nederland Parks Department:

Nederland Youth Hockey Association:

We are always looking for motivated individuals who are willing to contribute their own unique combination of knowledge and skill to continue help grow the program.

Feel free to conta
ct us if you are interested in contributing to this special community collective!

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